O’Toole “whacked upside the head” by a shooting star

(Colona) It’s straw winter in the Rockies and anything can happen. Why just the other night our associate editor collided with what local astronomers surmise was a shooting star.

Actually the star collided with Toole sending him senselessly shooting through a drift of man-made snow, frightening a crew of mule deer, and leaving residents wondering what else is on the agenda.

“I was just out in the yard feeding my marmots when Wham! I was forty feet to the south. My knees and elbows took the worst of it and the sudden flash did nothing for my cell phone reception or my attitude.”

O’Toole is currently under observation at St Roscoe’s Drive Through Clinic in Mañana. He is reportedly hoping he has enough miles, coupons, bingo credits or bonus stamp books to pay for the stay.

Legend has it that anyone hit by a falling star could expect great wealth and fame throughout his or her lifetime. Sadly, we could find no distinct reference to this legend much to the chagrin of the red-blooded target.

Although quite rare, accidents and confrontations involving heavenly bodies and people do happen. Experts tell us that meteors and rogue gravitational debris are more common dangers but that an occasional shooting star could be a threat to a continued lifespan.

“The incident in no way launches O’Toole into some elite group nor does it signify anything supernatural or mystical,” said a neighbor who reminded us that the scribe has survived shark attacks, high altitude lightning, several marriages and bad chorizo since moving to Colona in 1912.

“He’ll be back puttering by the weekend,” said the neighbor. “There have been all kinds of things falling out of the sky around these parts since summer. We figured it was the lack of moisture.”

– Gabby Haze   

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