(Ouray) The city of Ouray has decided to ban all kids form the Municipal Hot Springs Pool between June 15 and Labor Day of 2018.  According to sources here the kids make far too much noise and create all kinds of problems for lifeguards and general security. In addition the city will save an estimated $35,000 on insurance.

     “Things have gotten out of hand over the past few years with kids running the whole show at the pool,” said Melvin Toolmeister, former East German freestyler turned Calvinist lapdog of the Sunday brunch set. “We have plenty of rivers and lakes in which the little tykes can express themselves without bothering people. Why do they insist on swimming pools when we’re loaded with golf corpses, playgrounds and art galleries?”

     Recent complaints by adults that the presence of children interrupts the cosmic flow have lead to the decision.

     “After all it’s the big people who pay the bills,” said the source. “When was the last time you saw a 5-year-old with a hundred-dollar bill?”

     The proponents of the move hope that the expulsion of children from the pool will set a precedent in other areas of civilization and send a strong message to irresponsible parents who allow their children to have fun.

     It was not disclosed if the ball felds to the south of the pool would be affected by the lockout.

– Tommy Middlefinger

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