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Missing piece of capital found in luggage

A piece of concrete from the Capitol Building was discovered today by a Juneau International Airport TSA worker, confirming the rumor that the capital was being moved piece by piece to somewhere up North.

The piece was about two feet by one foot by eight inches and apparently came from some- where below the Governor’s office.

“At first it was pens and pencils, then note- pads, a few jobs here and there, but this is absolutely the most shocking revelation yet,” spurted Bob Carrot of the Stop The Capital Creep Committee.

“We did a study and found there are actually more than four tons missing. Some of it has just vanished, but much of it has been cleverly replaced with a faux concrete material,” explained Carrot.

“If this is allowed to continue, one day soon, the whole building will just crumble by itself,” said (continued on page 34)

– from The Juneau What?


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