Solicited response from real people who have little to do

and even less to think about during the day.

Should Daylight Shavings time be on the Official 2020 Election Ballot?

Should directions to voting booths be in Russian as well as Spanish?

Please vote now while we still have a white majority.

BONUS QUESTION (Members only please)

Complete the sentence: If Al Gore had won in 2000…

Last month’s question: What is the opposite of Snowflake*?

63% said Slush; 19% said Acid Rain; 10% said Hail. 6% said Overweight, under-educated, xenophobic, frightened, gun-toting, homophobic, quasi-religious bigot. 2% had no opinion despite the fact that they are full-time residents on the planet.

*Term applied to progressives by throwbacks.

Enjoying these little surveys? Remember to write down the time and place where you experienced your last original thought and win bogus points for consumption of worthless articles for the home, damaged philosophies, condemned land and mindless travel.

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