Mud season bookings way up from ’18

Dirty Business Thrives on Sarcasm, Lilt

(Crested Butte) Forget about off-season. Bookings from mid-April to mid-May are up a whopping 35%. A newfound interest in what has historically been a dead time of the year here has provided encouragement to merchants and represents a boon to lodge owners.

“We can’t offer mainstream skiing or wildflowers,” said a spokesperson for the local chamber, “but we can offer them tranquility.”

Most of the visitors said they hope to spend their time in the backcountry where the skiing promises to be excellent all the way into June. Others told the Horseshoe that they just wanted to relax.

“This is a time of the year when we can enjoy the countryside without all the ski area sideshows,” said one visitor who first visited the Butte during Martian Ski Week in 2006. “I’m looking for solitude and time to reflect,” she said. “There are still plenty of restaurants open and the parking opportunities are incredible.”

These uplifting figures were tabulated on the heels of an ambitious plan to run Puritan squatters out of Washington Gulch and to pave Kebler Pass.

“A few hunhred scrawls o’ chaps with a couple o’ guns and Rosary beads, again’ a hunhred thousand thrained men with horse, fut an’ artillery…and he wants us to fight fair!”  – Sean O’Casey in The Plow and the Star (1926)

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