The Up Yores Mine near Ames stands regally, perched on a cliff above the valley. Claims by the heirs here threaten to put an end to the expansion of the ski empire at Telluride.

(Telluride) A controversial mining claim, filed Thursday at the San Miguel County Quart House, could threaten future expansion in this resort. The claim, which dates back to 1894, states that the holder have complete access to veins of ore running under the town. Primary excavation is expected to begin next month.

“We thought we’d covered all the bases,” winced one town planner, “but we forgot to purchase the local mineral rights.”

Plans are already on the drawing board to move Telluride three miles to the west, along the Highway 145 Spur with the more fashionable upper east side of town relocating to Pandora.

     The more than 200 banking institutions in town are expected to bail until the matter is resolved leaving account holders in limbo, not knowing whether to dig or go bowling. Many have taken to wielding picks and shovels in an attempt to get what’s rightfully theirs in the melee.

     “It’s one hell of an approach to annexation,” said the planner. “I’m all in favor of the multi-use philosophy, but this has already gone too far.”

     Many of the glitzy ski town’s second one owners have been throwing money at this and other chronic problems for decades but now it covers the streets and is threatening to flow or goods and services to the entire county.

– Atila Diggins

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