Many Dearly Departed Still on Facebook

A host of deceased individuals continue to be listed as Facebook friends despite the fact that they have crossed over behind the looking glass. Whether they are in heaven or hell does not seem to matter.

Facebook claims an ungodly number of subscribers all over the world and, yes, many are six feet under. Internet regulators have continually promised to examine the rosters and many consumer groups have repeatedly called for action.

“It’s bad enough people spend hours per day reading these posts but now they may be sharing their thoughts with dead people (which is against the law in 14 states and 2 territories). No one knows if the deceased revel in tart, brilliant political jousting, force poorly conceived opinions on others of simply like to look at cats and dogs on-line.

One particularly amusing post stated simply: “You think you have problems? I’m dead.”

The social media giant claims it cannot regulate every aspect of Facebook. It called on the departed to de-friend and terminate the relationship by pushing several buttons and waiting for a final response before leaving the planet for greener pastures.

“It’s the very least they can do,” said a spokesman for Facebook.

– Fred Zeppelin

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