Lukewarm Reception Greets Biblical Cliff Notes

The recently leased Cliff Notes on The Bible could allow easier, immediate access to the scriptures for the untrained and semi-literate. It could also encourage cherry picking and one-upmanship say detractors.

Now, rather than plowing through the Old Testament to locate supporting passages, the quasi-evangelist can scan the outlined forms and go right to the source. Later, after arming himself with the treasures of the ages, he can go back and study in context and form conclusions.

“We have enough strip mall reverends and mega money preachers already,” said Joshua Leviticus, a theological historian who managed the initial editing of the Bible, Guru Grath Sahib, Avesta, The Vedas, Torah, Tripitaka, The Book of Mormon, The Quran, and The Agamas.

“Nobody really knows who wrote all of these books, all of which contain heavy dogma and preferred methods of control,” he continued. “Most are stories about people and survival. Where the divine comes in is anyone’s appraisal.”

Saint Cliff’s Notes and the King Donald editions offer an extended index but few shortcuts to salvation while other pretenders rely on exclusivity, fear and distrust. Along with flag waving and xenophobia, adherence to these beliefs often leads to violence.

“Blind faith, a major component of all of these creeds, is no more than substitute for morality and love of fellow man,” added Leviticus. “It can be a dangerous thing in the hands of the less than trustworthy.

“You can tell me about atheists in fox holes and I can tell you that you don’t see pagans blowing up churches, synagogues and mosques.”

– Kashmir Horseshoe

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