Low Riders Banned from Engineer

(Ouray) Persons operating low-rider vehicles, hydraulic shocks, space-age woodies, RVs and ruptured Humvies have been banned from Engineer Pass due to clearance considerations. The pass, notorious for deep ravines and mounds of shale, is a challenge for four-wheel-drives.

     According to the Forest Service and Department of Transportation street vehicles have no business traversing tight switchbacks and manipulating steep grades found on Engineer. Both say simple math can be employed to determine rate of success in negotiating the pass.

     In addition to the hazards of height, many of these banned vehicles simply do not have the torque to make it to the top.

     Hinsdale County officials have yet to decide what, if any action should be taken on their side of the pass. Many feel that if backcountry drivers make it to the top they should not be restricted on the descent. They remind all drivers to check their brakes before starting downhill.

– Atila Higgins

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