Just what do Congressmen do all day

A portfolio campaign wheel spinning for tax dollars.

7:00 am Consult polls

7:30 am A quick nine holes with someone who thinks he/she matters.

10:30 Breakfast meeting with limo mechanic

11:15 Consult polls and campaign contributions

11:45 Wash up for lunch

12:00 Nice lunch compliments of lobbyist

1 pm Ride around in limo

2 pm Develop position on extreme weather origin policy, poverty, the loss of infrastructure, domestic terrorism, the minimum wage, and immigration sham.

2:05 Snacks and nap

3:30 pm Meet with campaign donors

4:00 pm Spa, Sauna and Massage (Reflect on growing bank account)

5:00 Cocktails in Georgetown or Foggy Bottom

7:30 pm Open envelopes and presents from lobbyists and well-wishers

8:30 pm Dinner with lobbyist

10 pm Nightcap with campaign advisors

11 pm Bed

“Repay laughter with laughter and betrayal with treachery.”    – Finn McCool

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