It’s not easy being a mosquito

By Buzz Ticke

Swat away if you must. We can’t help what we are or what we become at what you call “feeding time”. There are worse parasites!

All the fuss about a little blemish or a bump that goes away in a day or so. Did you know that male mosquitoes/midges are a member of the fly family? Although we are particularly proud of the connection to those dirty little pests, biology is the final assessor. Males like me live only a week that makes for a tense relationship with females who live up to a few months.

Plus we don’t carry diseases, well usually. Hey, look how small and transparent we are. Where would we carry them? All the chatter about malaria, dengue and yellow fever is fake news. Mosquitoes that carry these life-threatening maladies live in foreign countries where you should never go anyway.

Bats, drought, pesticides, drained pools and sudden cold weather leave us mosquitoes with our asses hanging out. We are forced to work long hours, adhere to seasonal feeding times, get bad blood and yield to primitive breeding methods.

We male mosquitoes don’t bite but we still get squashed and sprayed just like the bloodthirsty females of the species.

So what are a tiny little bite and a puffy welt in comparison to survival. Oh, don’t worry we will never be on anyone’s endangered list but it’s certainly no picnic here. People hate us. Bats see us as a gourmet treat and even some birds munch on our flimsy limbs.

Is it my fault is it that there is standing water everywhere, the pool needs to be cleaned and an unattended birdbath? Well that is a mortal sin! Best advice: Spray with chemicals. Stay in the house in front of a fan and wait. Once the cold weather arrives we will be gone with the wind.

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