Asteroid slated to hit earth in 223 years
Here’s what you can do. See next page

A three time loser laments:
“I killed a man over a Twinkie.”
On the lamb out in America – Lifestyles at Risk

“Betsy DeVos Was My Substitute Teacher”
Teens tell horror tale of botched curriculum
in Marginal Education For All

Congress Pledges to Go Organic in 2019
Capitol Janitors Want Raise – May Walk Out
in Incontinence, Rifles and Plowing Mules

No rehab on meth, opioids, heroine, cocaine epidemics.
Sessions will go after pot smokers instead.
In Plea Bargain? Yes Captain! on Hard News

Feature: Why do US airlines suck?
Many dread flying dehumanizing coach on American carriers
In Prepare For Take-Off on Fractured Opinion

Check out our newest website: For kids who want the truth.
Surviving childhood on Soft News

Now anyone can turn vodka into gin overnight!
Amazing new formula threatens to up the ante in the liquor arena…

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