Indian Farmers Must Provide Mug Shots of Cows

(Mumbai) A local township has asked ranchers to supply photographs of their cows so as to help enforce the state’s new ban on illegal beef sales.

Most farmers have complied with the request that requires complete dossiers on each animal said a civil spokesperson familiar with cows and incidental paperwork.

Recent legislation has all but terminated commercial slaughter but the new ID program will alleviate all killing and help trace animals thefts too. It was not clear if the cattle would be tattooed, stenciled, branded or otherwise categorized so as to simplify identification.

“When the cows are out of the gate we go into action,” said Maho Charley, a barrister in Mumbai. “Thieves are desperate and despite facing jail time they continue to thwart the attempts of the authorities to enforce legal and customary mores when it comes to reincarnation, fertilizer and often militant vegetarianism.”

Cows in Hindu India are considered sacred just like they are in Western Colorado. The difference is that we eat them and they don’t. Although cows in South Asia often look skinny and malnourished they are happy and free to live long lives. It may not always be pretty but thy wake up every day to eat and poop. In Colorado the quality o life may be much better but the lifetime could be cut short at any time. Whatever the market and the needs of the rancher dictate.

In an attempt to cement a national ban the police need purchase records, ownership details, known relatives, political leanings and net worth of each cow. These are what they are calling dossiers.

“I don’t even have access to data like this for my children,” squawked one cattleman from Malegaon, 250 kilometers from the capital.

Supporters of the bovine information gathering hope that a clear census and consensus might defuse tensions between Muslims (who eat meat) and Hindus (who do not generally eat meat) in the region. Often Hindus become resentful watching Muslims gobble down chicken-fried steak or a burger while they are stuck with Dahl and chickpea stew.

“You wouldn’t eat your water buffalo if you needed him to help plow the fields not would you eat cow when it could be your ancestor,” said Charley. “Selling cow meat is a felony in northern Haryana state and the noose is tightening each day.”

-Suzie Compost

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