Incredible benefits of hemp (continued)

By now we have all heard about the wondrous benefits of THC, CBD oil and hemp. Are these claims valid? These people think so.

“My husband broke his arm during his high wire act on Monday and by Thursday it was just like new thanks to cannabis,” says Marcelle Pesterman. “He’s doing flips and working out on the rings just like before. What would he have done without it?”   

“I was on experimental pharmaceuticals  for ten years but now I just take two pills made of marijuana and coconut cream and no more pain. I give it to the cats and dogs and even my house plants.”

Neville Hoser, Manchester City

“I lost a toe to a lawn mower in 2017. Then I started taking hemp pills and in just three months it grew back as good as new.”

– Beyone Dynamite, Las Vegas, NM

“I fell 13 stories and bounced right back up because of my hemp clothing. It insulates and it kept me from zero tolerance with the pavement. I said goodbye to cotton and polyester. Imagine where I’d be today without a little THC!”

Chad Rammerbean, Delta, CO

“I used to get lots of speeding tickets but now with hemp I have slowed way down and can even smell the roses at 30 mph. Today I go with the flow. I don’t worry anymore.”

– Xeno Phobichek

Marianne Marvelous says it saved her from a life of crime. The former fracking model was headed down the path of alcohol and destructive drugs when she discovered the benefits of a bong hit in the morning. Today she sips an occasional glass of wine and hits the hay at dusk. “No more social trauma. No more frantic mornings. No more questionable people hanging in the parking lot. If there is a stairway to heaven its made of hemp,” she asserts. 

– Stoned in Oklahoma City

“I tried everything for hair loss but when I started eating specially prepared hemp and herbs daily I was a regular at the barber shop.”

Roscoe Sainte

See what cannabis can do for you!

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