Horseshoe Corrects Copyright Snafu

(Denver) The San Juan Horseshoe is back in the driver’s seat regarding potential copyright infringements, according to publisher for life General Kashmir Horseshoe. As of this morning all of the paper’s work is registered with the Library of Congress and thus is protected from possible violations by federal law.

“For over a decade, one of our former employees has been religiously sending the papers to the Congress Lounge, at Grant and East Colfax in Denver, instead of forwarding a sample issue to the Library of Congress for documentation,” said Horseshoe. “While most of the paper’s staff has spent time hanging off the bar, hobnobbing with lobbyists and chatting with politicians at the Congress, the lounge really has no capacity to address the copyright laws,” he explained. “The owners are interested in moving drinks, not establishing archives.”

Horseshoe went on to suggest that he would be surprised if anyone wanted to steal from his paper anyway.

“That would be a desperate, wanton act that should be punishable by a slow death or a swift lobotomy,” he smiled, adding that the Congress Lounge would still receive a complimentary subscription each month for its trouble.

 – Melvin Toole

“Systems never work. Embrace chaos.”

        – Mr. Toad, in Zippy the Pinhead by Bill Griffith.

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