Guns Safe For Now

(Montrose) With a federal mandate overlooked by the FCC all television is slated to be blacked out through July. This would include would include video games and internet.

Antennas, radios other listening devices are no use in this atmosphere of fear and trepidation. Citizens will have until June 15 to self-adjust and fill out forehead and background checks to qualify for state-subsidized fossil fuel powered stations in the future.

The old signal baggage (a faire signe la coquine) has been relocated to an unknown telecommunications space satellite somewhere upstairs. The keys to the entire outfit are reportedly “orbiting the earth as we speak”, according to the source, who refused to elaborate.

In response to this entertainment void the City of Montrose has begun installing hundreds of chessboards. Made of local wood products, the small tables dot the downtown and in tranquil, remote locations within the burgh. In addition the San Juan Horseshoe will begin publishing three magazines, two dailies, a bi-monthly sports review, a weekly, a real estate guide, a weather flyer and a weekend broadsheet. The website, a former monthly newspaper, will also give free tango lessons on Thursdays.

According to a gov’ment source familiar with these kinds of occurrences, the reason for the idiotboxus interruptus is the need for a realignment or in laymen’s terms to muck out positive and negative cholestérol from cable lines and wireless installations at the East Pole.

First industrial checkup since ____ (the day that Congress loosened controls on multiple media ownership in same markets.)

In spite of news accounts on several networks there will be no need to surrender your TVs. FCC deputies will not be coming by to collect them.

“In September or so we’ll do a quick assessment and see if anyone wants the system recharged or if they noticed its absence,” said a technician who watches wires at the government agency. “Maybe then we’ll leave it in sleep mode until football season.”

– Estelle Marmotbreath

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