Ghost Towns Report Vacancies For Fall

(Lake City) Many Western Colorado Ghost Towns are reporting an upsurge in hotel and lodging availability for the fall season. Why there are glaring vacancies in this so popular land is anyone’s guess. Experts focus on remoteness, transportation, social support and comforts in their appraisals, which fall painfully short of preparing the novice for a night of solitude and natural beauty.

A trek to Dallas, Piedra, Baldwin, Cathedral or Capitol City be advised that late snows have interfaced with early snows and mud holes are a menace in the dark timber passageways that lead to each municipality.

Probably the best time to visit Gladstone, Henson, Tincup, Needleton and Duncan is early October due to the presence of aggressive moose in these vicinities and bothersome alpine rodents gnawing on automotive hoses in August and September.

If you’re waiting for the Welcome Wagon you’re out of luck in Howardsville (Bullion City), Eureka, Sneffels, Bedrock, Texas Gulch, Thistletown, Paradox, Maher, Coventry and Eldredge where it’s BYO all the way. Take your choice of dilapidated shacks and tie up your horse at one of a variety of dry saloons (Some with pictures still on the walls)

The abandoned burghs of Portland, Animas, Gothic, Ashcroft, Crystal, Uravan, Sapinero, Marble, Liberty, Lenado, Somerset and Middleton may not be so empty in the summer and fall months. We suggest a visit in winter and spring but bring blankets and warm clothing. A few of the shaky skeletons of shacks still have crude wood stoves but drinking water can be an issue.

That leaves my personal favorites: Yellow Jacket, Pittsburg, Ironton, Cahone and Slippery Rock that were major producers of silver in the 1880s.

Lock your doors for mountain lions.

Watch out for nosey bears.

Have a bonfire “middle of the street” you like.

Ain’t nobody cares.

– Uncle Pahgre.

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