(Montrose) The Oliver Cromwell Fish and Chips chain has reportedly purchased the San Juan Horseshoe for an estimated $1800 according to a copyright story in The Pea Green Peeper The Liverpool chain, which operates outlets throughout the former British Empire, is worth a estimated 45 billion dollars, without chips and balsamic vinegar.

O.C.’s, as the company is known from Rangoon to Thunder Bay, does not plan to publish the popular newspaper after December 15. The purchase was made strictly to acquire dead file/back issues which are said to number some 4 to 5 million. They are reportedly stored in a secret passageway underneath the town of Parlin, Colorado.

According to one reporter, who has worked at the Horseshoe since its inception in 1977, the publishers have had a lot of trouble keeping delivery personnel and the number of undelivered copies “just kind of got away from us”.

The Cromwell people feel that wrapping their fish and chips in old Horseshoe issues will go over well in former colonies since the inhabitants there speak English and are often fascinated by the American West.

-Nemo Strong Rod

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