Fenian Cell Takes Issue with Fighting Irish

(Cork) Much like other sports franchises and academic entities the University of Notre Dame is now under the gun with the Fenians who claim that the school slogan, “Fighting Irish” is derogatory and racist.

Following the lead of many universities and high school that have changed their names from Native American references and ethnic labels the Fenians are demanding that the long established Catholic university soften its approach to athletics.

“The Fighting Irish term makes us all look like brawlers and rowdies,” said Patrick Patrick O’Healy of Queens, New York. “They don’t pay much attention to this indictment flung to the heavens by our detractors and competitors in America. It’s an Irish-American thing.”

Whether or not the University will take the challenge seriously was not clear at press time. It may all have to do with public opinion. While pro sports teams must adhere to the bottom line, most schools simply must deal with alumni and regulations imposed by such groups as the NCAA. That bottom line is often blurred.

“If Notre Dame doesn’t come around we’ll go to South Bend and box ‘em in the gob,” said O’Healy.

Is tuisce deoch na sceat. Fag an bealach! (A story requires a drink. Clear the way!)

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