Exhibitionist Falls From Bridge

(Manana, CO) A man seen exposing himself to motorists passing below has fallen from the Gabby Haze Memorial Bridge here.

More than 100 drivers observed the alleged misdeed during commuter rush hour Thursday. According to one eye witness the unnamed perpetrator was there one minute and gone the next. The distance of the fall was estimated at 26 feet.

“Out of nowhere a strong gusty wind came up and swooped the pervert off the bridge using him to crash on to the asphalt below, “ said Shirley Trench-Coate of Wimpton. “The whole deal was creepy but then a mindful wind finished the job.”

The suspect was cheated and released at St Roscoe’s Hospital and is in the slammer here. A trail date is set for August. Bail was denied.

(In keeping with editorial policies at the Horseshoe no one actually dies in these silly stories. The editorial staff did file to make an exception in this case. Response is pending).

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