Help the feds rename the War on Drugs and win!

Most everyone in this country and realizes that the much maligned War on Drugs is a dismal failure. It was never designed to be successful but rather as a cash cow scheme to smuggle more drugs into the US. Your elected officials know it too and have finally decided to do something about it.

Attempts to resurrect the wondrous cash cow have arrived in the form of a contest set to pay out big money to the winners. It’s simple: The existing effort carries with it the magic term fundable and therefore the gov’ment does not want to scrap it. They just want to change metaphors in the middle of the stream. Get it?

Remember: It’s not for you to determine right or wrong here. You are only a taxpayer and can be effectively persecuted by the IRS or other government agencies for your reluctance to buy the money pit program laid down by the feds. Just write down your choice for a new name for this fiasco and send it to Harold Hempleman, Director, Department of Clandestine Maneuvering and Finance, 239 Jefferson Davis Parkway, Washington, DC 20013.

(Note: The terms Manifest Destiny, Silent Majority and Strategic Hamlet will not be accepted since they remind the gov’ment of a string of past failures and conflicting stopgap thought.

Over 3 million dollars might be given away this Saturday!


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