Colona Not on Million Dollar Highway

(Ouray) The village of Colona is not officially on the Million Dollar Highway say sources at the Colorado Division of Transportation. The famous stretch of road, named for the expense of its construction, runs only from Ouray to Silverton and in no way includes Colona according to a recent press release.

“We do not recognize other access paths as part of the big picture,” said the release, “although these arteries are included in the Scenic Byways, Alpine Loop and San Juan Skyways portion of the landscape.”

For decades people in Colona have been led to believe that the stretch of Highway 550 that passes here was pat of the Million Dollar Highway.

“One can only imagine the disappointment felt here,” said one source. “Now we’ll have to change all of our tourist brochures and business cards.”

It was still not clear at press time whether or not Colona is considered a real town by the state due to its Montrose-like zip code and its location in Ouray County.

– Rats Malone

“A trip to heaven is wasted on some, when a simple postcard would satisfy.”

– St. Roscoe of Paddlewheel

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