Canadian Geeks Seen in Local Skies

(Cimarron) Schools of Canadian Geeks can be seen in our skies this time of the year as they make their way north from winter stomping grounds in Arizona and California. Interested bird watchers can view the species in the early morning and at dusk as they search for patches of Canadian thistle, a main source of protein in the geeks’ otherwise junk food diet.

The Canadian Geek can be easily identified by the novice observer as he often dons bright, clashing attire and punctuates his sentences with an inquisitive “Eh?” When in larger formations the geeks are known to honk uncontrollably for reasons known only to the flock.

Nature enthusiasts are warned to avoid approaching these birds during ice hockey season as they often become aggressive and are prone to fist fighting. The annual migration of these geeks is generally completed by the completion of the Stanley Cup competition, a popular culinary event which celebrates excellence in Canadian cooking through the ages.

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