Can Openers Beneficial

(Somewhere near Gunnison, summer 1882)

Cowboys working the herds from here to Laredo learn real quick, especially when it comes to their chow. Thanks to the invention of the can opener the joys of the chuckwagon have now become even more accessible.

“This little gadget has made it possible to eat and run,” said one cowpoke. Sometimes we don’t get the chance to sit down to dinner. The cows don’t always wait until we finish eating to stampede or wander off.”

One camp cook employed by the Circle D Cattle Company told The Horseshoe that he didn’t know how they got along without it.

“I don’t know how we got along without it,” he said.

The metal opener is designed to fit under the brim of a can and, with a simple turn of the wrist, the top of the can is separated from the holding portion. Some cooks claim that they can open 10 cans in 10 minutes although the boast has been questioned by record keepers from Montana to Texas.

“Now if someone would only invent canned beans we would be in total harmony with our surroundings,” said the cook.

-Wardeene Scrubb

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