Campaign Litter Taxing Landfills

(Montrose) Mounds of discarded campaign litter have journeyed to local landfills causing a nightmare for workers there. The litter, comprised of signs, banners, buttons and bumper stickers started arriving the day after the off-year election and, according to dump sources, has not let up.

At first it looked like the normal mini-election year but this time around there’s a different feel about it from dump workers to management. Tonnage is way up although estimates of actual gross weight delivery are difficult to determine since the new trash mixes quickly with existing, non-partisan trash.

One particularly offensive pickup load; mounds of campaign literature covered in fresh manure, green chili skins and rotting pumpkins, fertilized some imaginations here.

“We didn’t know if it were just a coincidence that the elements were traveling together or if someone was trying to make yet another political statement,” laughed one worker.

Landfill crews hope to get the situation under control here before the onslaught of Christmas garbage reaches their gates in late December.

– Pepper Salte

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