Brush Strokes

with Toole of the Andes

Guillotine replacement parts delivered to your basement or bunker. Bonded. Winter Special: Spend $200 and receive 5 little whicker baskets free of charge. Heads above the rest in service. or see our ad in the Jello Pages.

Too busy or distracted by the political climate to fact check stories on social media? Send us $25 and we’ll do it for you. This recurring annual charge will guarantee that you are not made the fool by things you do not understand. It will be automatically withdrawn from your account based on our needs and your gullibility. We look forward to working with you. Editor’s Without Borders.

Fishing gone south so open a Fish Museum. Farming not profitable: Begin ah-tourism visits to Real Farms! Tree Museums? MINE TOURS? Breathing salons? ’57 Chevy simulated cruising in 1959?

Math Corner: If John spends 83% of his time watching FOX News how much time would he then have to post rants and polarizing statements on Facebook? 37%? 27% 74% OR 7% What about Mary? Would she think for herself the voting booth or simply vote the way John tells her to vote?

Can you last three rounds with Stephen Miler, the Joseph Goebbels of the current Administration? No prize money – jus the enjoyment of beating the shit out of a nazi racist pig. Watch out though. He probably has a razor in his boot.

“An evangelist should be careful not to identify the Gospel with any one particular political program or culture,”  – Billy Graham, following the Watergate indictment of Richard Nixon.

We’d like to have a moment of meditation for our dear friend the departed colleague John Music: “Bugha  Bugha.” Thank you for your patience.

Adopt a Congressman! The corporations certainly have.

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