Brain food cafe shuts doors

(Montrose) The Upper Story Bistro, a longtime fixture here, closed down today. Citing competition from fast food restaurants and rising costs in doing business, the owners described their 15-year history as “a good run” and wished former customers the best.

Specializing in foods that encourage healthy brain cell growth the cafe may reopen in another community here or go to the Pacific Northwest where, due to a higher population might dictate a higher demand for this kind of cuisine.

“We hope our clientele will continue to embrace good health habits in their kitchens at home,” said one former owner.

One competitor, who opened a burger franchise right next store in 2015 said she was tired of all the whining.

“Nobody cares about macrobiotic dining and improving their mind when they can catch a delicious burger and fries on the run and wash it down with a giant soda pop,” she said. “These people need to get a clue about life in the modern world.”

“Having choices is important but not when they conflict with city sales tax numbers,” said one city councilperson. “Once our master plan is fully integrated and we have every known chain represented there will be no choices, except in that unhealthy, methodical realm. We don’t hear a lot of complaints from the mainstream and all those health nuts out there on the fringe don’t amount to a hill of beans. Maybe they should all move back to Boulder.”

– Alfalfa Romero

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