Border Collie Marks Bronco Victories

(Gunnison) Bingo, a six-year-old border collie may be instrumental in Bronco wins. Over the past 4 years he has only missed two televised games…both were losses for the orange and blue.

Bingo gets it together moments before kickoff

He is no flash in the pan.

“15 minutes prior to kickoff he starts barking at the TV,” says owner Marvin Marmot or Antelope Hills.

According to Marmot the gifted animals doesn’t have the patience to watch the tail end of other games and often growls at those fans. During commercials he leaves the room. Even though he cannot use the clicker he guards it so no one can change the channel.

Then at kickoff of the Denver game he is in a canine trance watching intently in his Bronco bed with his Bronco dish full and Bronco leash at the door. He even wears an official cap and number 58 jacket for away games. He even arranged to give a Bronco stadium blanket to the household cat.

When the game has been decided (won) Bingo looks away from the screen, drops his ears and calmly walks to the door to be let out. Just another day in Bronco Collie Land.

Say what you like but Team is 39 – 0 when Bingo watches. The two games he missed were shabby losses to the Eagles and the Steelers during mandatory sheep dog trials.

In other sports, Senate Democrats say Supreme Quart nominee Brett Kavanaugh allowed Trump to win at golf over 20 times since January of 2017. He then lied about it, they say.

– Suzie Compost

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