Blue collar plot would drop 10,000 bowling balls on White House

The sky isn’t falling yet, despite the efforts of a group of angry blue-collar workers who police say planned to rain down bowling balls on the White House.

The assault on the power point had reportedly been planned for a weekday when Trump wouldn’t be playing golf in Florida. Police remain baffled as to the details but concluded that “someone was pissed”. The alleged weapon, estimated to be thousands of bowling balls, has not been located. The heavy balls are believed to be hidden somewhere between Toledo and Detroit.

In connecting the dots on this crime of gravity the authorities confirmed that over 50 helicopters would be in the air above the presidential residence until the culprits are brought to justice.

And that’s not all. Remember the Chinese space lab, Tiangong-1, that has been orbiting the earth since 2017? It is expected to crash down to earth in latitudes corresponding to the location of the White House. The reentry is expected in early April.

In stepping up security in and around the famous residence police found mounds of broken pottery shards scattered all over the chief executive’s office. Whether this was a precursor to a quick departure for parts unknown.

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