The first photos of the infamous Black Hole have accidentally been deleted according to sources at MIT. Monster gravity in and around the sunken star reportedly grabbed the data and ate it up like a midnight snack, effectively deleting the pictures.

A post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University, Dr Katie Bouman, developed the algorithm which captured the image of the infamous Black Hole just last week but already the data has been sucked into the gravitational sinkhole when no one was looking.

According to astronomers here the image was “deleted” but not by operator error or human mishandling. Rather it was a victim of the massive pull of mega-gravity.

“Of course the images were sucked into the Black Hole,” said another scientist who has worked on the project for over ten years. “By very definition it had to have been this way. Isn’t this the nature of the beast?”

Researchers contend that the limited exposure to the photo data, while gone for good, may allow them to further expand their understanding of gravity.

Meanwhile “earth is flat evangelists” from Starkville to Sacramento say the Black Hole revelation is nothing short of a peek into the gates of hell (upstairs version), while Democrats insist that the image bears a peculiar likeness to Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. (Photos to be released with full Mueller Report).

The senator from Kentucky (McConnell) had no comment and was reportedly waiting for a tweet from President Trump before making any comment related to the disclosure.

– Kashmir Horseshoe

“If you want to know the trees you must go into the forest.” – Barbara Birch

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