Bear Utilizing Duct Tape in Forest

Ouray) Local black bear, who are supposed to be asleep, appear to be relying on duct tape to facilitate daily chores and responsibilities in the woods. Animal behaviorists are reportedly alarmed by the development, indicating that the bruins are evolving symbiotically with humans.

“We are concerned as to where this kind of monkey-see, monkey-do action may lead the bears,” said one biologist. “We will be keeping a close eye to the ground on this pattern. Considering what man has done to the natural environment we sure don’t want this one to get away from us.”

Cans of WD-40 and a roll of baling wire have been found near obvious bear redoubts throughout the wilderness, suggesting that the mammals have taken matters into their own paws.

Hikers and campers are urged to take appropriate caution when in bear country.

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