Bank employees forced to work inside ATMs

(Montrose – Greenbacks Calling – August, 2017)

Colorado bank examiners expressed shock and dismay that a new kind of slave labor may be the rule and not exception to branch banking in Colorado.

A majority of fiscal watchdogs say tellers, account specialists, even loan officers are subjected to forced overtime “in the barrel” as the ATM duty is called by industry cynics.

Besides cramped working space, unwanted overtime, tedious boredom and the demands of repetitive mathematics the prisoners of the ATM are subjected to temperatures often reaching 140 degrees inside the machines.

“We are dealing with employees of pirate banks who may be trapped inside ATM machines for up to 10 hours, said a state banking official outside a local Wells Fargo facility. “And this is often on top of their regular shift.”

At first look it appears that most ATM machines are not set up for hands-on operation and the banks only resort to draconian measures upon high demand. However, the subject of fresh air, food, water and other life sustaining elements has not been undressed as of this morning.

Why the human participation has become paramount was not clear although full disclosures are said to be on the smoky horizon. Most consumers/account holders were under the impression that the ATM machines were set up to act independently of many financial institutions, especially when it comes to extended hours.

“The 24-hour ATM machines are a convenience that somehow, when the dust settles, all bank customers pay,” said one particularly agitated official. But this abuse of employees is another whole ball of wax. It’s an Orwellian corporate cost-saver that has gone berserk.”

On scene bank controllers were quick to add that this ATM scandal measures up as “minimum impact” compared with bank scams to set up unauthorized accounts, loans and issue high interest credit cards to unsuspecting patrons.

The Colorado Banking Commission has issued a gag order on the entire investigation until and level of intent can be determined and executive guilt established.

“The regular corporate approach of creating scapegoats will not fly here,” they said. “Someone made the initial decision and someone will pay.”

Meanwhile affected bank employees will undergo extensive counseling and included as plaintiffs in lawsuits emerging from the alleged exploitation of workers and what might be the most astounding and chronic miscarriage since earned interest rates dropped to a paltry 1%.

Sources within the banking industry, contacted regarding these allegations did not return our calls. It was surmised that the bosses were sailing, playing golf or counting their money, and could not be disturbed.

Consumers are urged to be quick, be kind…and always remember: ATM machines have eyes or at least ears!

– Kashmir Horseshoe


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