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The naughty snowplows of C-DOT

Most of us take snowplows for granted. Following, passing or chaining up, we appreciate them only when it snows. Watching the machines clear ice and slush from the roadways and failing to recognize their powerful inward passions is a serious human oversight. The outward eroticism embodied by these giant-tire monsters, these flying steel buttresses, these vigilant saviors of the midway is illustrated in this pictorial.

Out on the highway snowplows conduct themselves according to official capacities but after the blades are dropped and the engines silenced for the night there is the need to wind down. That’s when the lusty orange libertines lift their skirts, drop all pretense and engage in unbridled eroticism common to the species.

Maybe they are victims of sexual repression. Perhaps the embrace of alternative sensuality is normal. Either way motorists should expect snippets of naughty behavior once the garage doors are flung open and these colossal ogres go on patrol.

A seemingly innocent young snowplow maiden, (left) drawn to the bright lights of sin and depravation inches her way into town after overtime hours in the high country. Many of these plows fall in with the wrong crowd and end up doing perfume and lingerie commercials or engaging in extra connubial activities when the barn goes dark.

Showing off frontal equipment (right) rascal snowplows readily pose as pinups for winter’s highway crews all over Colorado. Both genders see bawdy pictures like this as a normal way to ward off the stress of the job. The sheer power of chains and sanding provide a slippery scenario for sexual improprieties. Despite the efforts of highway officials, morality has diminished and kindred kinkiness reigns. The idle hours are often a mix of wicked and wayward impulse. Even the daily hosing down provides those special moments in front of the camera.

Group interaction, studded tires and even erotic dance steps fill the bill after a particularly pressure-filled day on the mountain passes. First comes the longing, then the quenched desire as exemplified by intimate, generally titillating poses and the flash of the camera.

Next month: Rogue Snowplows and Rutting Season

Hermits to host craft fair

(Montrose) Local hermits will present the first ever post-holiday arts and crafts show at Membership Hall in January. The two-day event will be held the second Monday and Tuesday of the month since most people are at work on those days. In addition, the decision to hold the festivities at non-traditional times is expected to curtail turnout.

The fair will feature an assortment of arts and crafts made by local hermits. The bulk of the wares will be displayed in darkened rooms, dusty booths and crowded storage units aimed at drawing the least attention. Often, if a an interested shopper reaches one of the disguised kiosks or the dressed down bazaars no one will be on hand to make the sale or take their money.

“We think the idea is solid unless you like a lot of traffic,” said one hermit. “A person can be an artist without embracing his fellow man.”

The hermits made it clear that if nobody showed up they would hold an even larger, more expanded exhibition in 2020.

– Ripple van Winkle

O’Toole “whacked upside the head” by a shooting star

(Colona) It’s straw winter in the Rockies and anything can happen. Why just the other night our associate editor collided with what local astronomers surmise was a shooting star.

Actually the star collided with Toole sending him senselessly shooting through a drift of man-made snow, frightening a crew of mule deer, and leaving residents wondering what else is on the agenda.

“I was just out in the yard feeding my marmots when Wham! I was forty feet to the south. My knees and elbows took the worst of it and the sudden flash did nothing for my cell phone reception or my attitude.”

O’Toole is currently under observation at St Roscoe’s Drive Through Clinic in Mañana. He is reportedly hoping he has enough miles, coupons, bingo credits or bonus stamp books to pay for the stay.

Legend has it that anyone hit by a falling star could expect great wealth and fame throughout his or her lifetime. Sadly, we could find no distinct reference to this legend much to the chagrin of the red-blooded target.

Although quite rare, accidents and confrontations involving heavenly bodies and people do happen. Experts tell us that meteors and rogue gravitational debris are more common dangers but that an occasional shooting star could be a threat to a continued lifespan.

“The incident in no way launches O’Toole into some elite group nor does it signify anything supernatural or mystical,” said a neighbor who reminded us that the scribe has survived shark attacks, high altitude lightning, several marriages and bad chorizo since moving to Colona in 1912.

“He’ll be back puttering by the weekend,” said the neighbor. “There have been all kinds of things falling out of the sky around these parts since summer. We figured it was the lack of moisture.”

– Gabby Haze   

Rejected Explanations for Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder

(Istanbul UPS) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has repeatedly denied knowledge of and involvement with the recent death of a Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi. The journalist went missing after entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on October 2. It is believed that he was assassinated by a 15-man Saudi Security team sent to Turkey for that draconian purpose. Here at home President Trump has denied evidence much like he denies that climate change brought on by humans.

“The Prince Salman would never lie about something like this,” said Sheik Sushi Tuna, former director of security in Riyadh. “He has already rejected some of the more likely scenarios relating to the alleged murder of Mr. Khashoggi. We suggested he might have fallen down the consulate stairs or maybe slipped in the shower,” Tuna continued. My colleagues and I then suggested that he was hit by falling debris in that the old consulate is always under some kind of construction. My chauffeur, who has a medical background, thinks the victim experienced a heart attack while resisting authorities.”

Abdul “Mickey” Trout, a Saudi fishmonger and animal behaviorist in Yemen, echoed the concerns and frustrations of the Kingdom saying that a rabid camel probably mauled Khashoggi.

“Many camels still harbor resentment over the results of the competition and the accompanying Botox scandal,” smiled Trout. “Some have embraced violence.”

King Abdulaziz, producer of this year’s Camel Festival in Rumah had no comment on these developments.

“The signs are there: the struggle, the breakage, the camel hair,” Trout continued. “If not a rogue Dromedary then it must have been a fast traveling flu that he picked up in Turkey. This whole mess could not have had anything to do with the Crowned Prince who was over in Jersey playing the casinos at the time of the incident.”

Other Saudi diplomats were quick to suggest that Khashoggi stabbed himself in the back 45 times or fell into a well. Most say he had terrorist links and was tainted by his time in the United States.

“Khashoggi? Isn’t that a Polish dumpling?” asked a Trump spokesman.

-Kashmir Horseshoe


SERVICES OFFERED Will put down your old tractors. Quickly, effectively, painlessly. Big Foot Farms, River Road, Olathe. Know someone growing illegal mistletoe? The DEA is paying top dollar for information leading to the indictment of these criminals in your own backyard. Once we fill the prisons with these people we can achieve full employment and true utopia through government control. Huzzah!

Maternity ensemble once worn by Madonna’s mother. General Delivery, Hollywood.

Wanted to buy: I LOVE GUNS. I really love guns. I like the way they feel in my hand and the noise they make when fired. I love guns about as much as I love storm trooper boots and starched collars. Let me buy your guns – Quentin Dink, Wimpton Police Cadet Lounge.

Drug Lord Appliances from $50! These nearly new washers, dryers, microwaves and more. Were confiscated from suspected drug lords in Florida and Texas. Some rust and avocado. Also seized refrigerators, freezers, swarthy futons, anarchistic toasters, revolutionary ranges and rough air conditioners. January Special: Poblado Dishwasher: $45. See at Zero Tolerance Appliances. We’re winning the War on Drugs. You’ll see.

Turn your food processor into a word processor by the application of simple pickle down economics. Dial 34.

Nearly new forehead weights perfect for the mental giant or the thinking athlete who seeks to improve his/her mind. Margot Rotweiller at the Horseshoe.

Brainless parrots needed to throw gasoline on the bonfire of crime in urban America. Send picture of hair, recent tape and description of on-the-air experience to Star Search, KBLO-TV, Denver, Colorado 80207.

ARE YOU employed in the Department of Agriculture? Rehabilitation is available. With your cooperation and our expertise we can have you flipping burgers by spring – Your Federal Government.

Trouble getting through doors? Sign up today for our innovative program “Aerobics at Night”. This patented workout is conducted after dark with the lights out so as to avoid the embarrassment often associated with those first few days of physical activity. The only thing on is the music and the tiny reflective monitor on your instructor’s naval. Be a new you in 2019.

Are you easily persuaded by pseudo-religious ranting and raving? Do you like to be told how to live? Is the rumor of the hereafter more important than your current treatment of your fellow man on earth? Do you fear anyone with new ideas? We can use a few, good moralizing Americans to help us gain control of this country and turn it into the oligarchy that our forefathers intended it to be. Send for more information today. Coloradans for Family Values, Taliban-Cromwell Complex, Colorado Springs, CO.

Will pay top dollar for dirty postcards, dirty dishes, dirty fingernails, and some dirty thoughts. Vulture Dentures, Wimpton Mall.

MEL’S MEATS is looking for a responsible cleaning person for busy slaughterhouse operation. No Communists. The job is quite easy since Mel’s Meats has no windows or stairs. We are part of the heralded Fun Employment Sham Concept and pay minimum wage with no benefits. We have no maternity leave or daycare either. Vegetarian preferred. Come around to the back door before noon weekdays.Ask for Ms. Whitewash.

Hijackers needed for weekend projects in the Caribbean. Mechanical aptitude helpful. Must speak recognizable Spanish and English. Rubric Cuban, Santiago de Cuba.

What’s all this about ending the reign of the Bureau of Reclamation? Then what? Has everything really been reclaimed already? For more write Department of Suburban Asphalt and Smog, I-25, Denver, CO.

Saxophone engineer. Part time. Good pay. Could lead to full time position in Presidential Cabinet or White House Symphony. See Conductor on Pennsylvania Avenue before it’s too late.

Needed: Have Aberdeen semen, frozen direct from Scotland. Seeking heifers of fine standing. Thawing rapidly. Spring’s on the way. Meltdown eminent. Contact Gus at the Fern Chuckwagon.

The Haywire Ranch Irrigation College is now accepting students for the winter semester. Prerequisite includes sturdy shovel and some knowledge of childish civil engineering. Send transcripts c/o Dr. G. R. Lovingood, Director, School of Body Chemistry.

Lost: Small white male. Finders Keepers…Louella Parsimmons, Olathe. Will trade Harley parts for large, useable crutches. Matawan of Whitewater.

FOR SALE: Rare fountain pens used by George and Boris to sign nuclear arms pact in Moscow back a ways. On display at Team Ink. Serious inquiries only.

Hard charging corporate type wheeler-dealer who can turn his/her head needed to change tires at busy adverting agency. Good prospects for the person who can remember who drinks what in their coffee and who likes mustard, mayo, rye, white…Get it? So can you! We are a politically correct agency because it’s trendy and we all wear suspenders, even on weekends. Mortsern, Hamill and Glick, Rat Mill Pike.

Final Warning: Anyone caught with a Christmas tree still up after February 1 will be punished – E. Scrooge, Dogbreath Village.

Does your conscience often bother you? Do you lay awake at night unable to sleep? Surgery is now available. Qualm Surgical Group, Indian Massacre Highway and Wimpton Clinic.

Announcing: The First Annual DesPlants Family Reunion at the Delta County Jail on February 24-27. Bring proof of heritage, parole or release papers and covered fish. Accommodations will be provided. For more call Enselmo DesPlants at the jail.

Great Pyrenees-Chihuahua mix. Could turn out to be great smeller or speller. Ready to go on New Year’s Eve about 3:15 pm. Wanda’s Dogs and Things, Almont. Work right at home.

Night auditor needed to keep track of waste for federal government. Great pay and benefits. Proof of citizenship and familiarity with pocket calculator important. Must be able to translate from government abbreviations to English. Send brief resume to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Director of Diversion and Snow Plows, Washington DC.

Need: Happy people to operate solar car wash for wealthy man. Minimum wage plus keep 100% of tips. Contact Western Colorado Coalition for the Preservation of Minimum Wage, Montrose, CO.

Keep your cowpoke on the right range with Mel’s Cowboy Chastity Belts. Buy one before Valentine’s Day and we will give you a monogrammed snuff can lid for your wrangler’s ensemble. Darkroom Acres.

Will pay top dollar for original Iraqi jokes. Slim at the Fern Chuckwagon Dance Hall in Mancos. Bad Cowboy Poets always in demand at the Fern Chuckwagon. Call Slim.

HEREFORD-POODLE MIX PUPS. Should be excellent cow dogs. Slim at the Fern Chuckwagon in Tail Town.

Diluted and edited naughty perfume ads. Set of 40 videos for $100. Box 99999, Horseshoe.

NEW PROOF: Ronald Reagan almost voted for Bill Clinton back in 1992. Those voting booths get more confusing every year, don’t they! We’ll fix it in 2020. Ya sure.

Let Eddie Murphy teach your kids how to attain fame and riches through vulgarity. Send foul-mouthed tape to Alternate Education Systems, 1200 Brown Cloud Way, Commerce City, CO.

It’s time to enact the death penalty for environmental terrorists. Let’s start with the bosses over at Rocky Flats. They dumped toxic waste into the water and plutonium into the soil. If we’re serious about preserving what’s left of this planet let’s set a precedent for the future. Write your Congressman today and demand satisfaction. They (the Congress) will do anything to stay on the gravy train until the next election. For more information send SASE to Ecological Mercenaries of America, Toronto, Ontario.

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Alliterate poets needed for new magazine concentrating on the letter “r”. Send manuscripts to Robert de Frost c/o Gothic Aquatic Center before February 15.

RED: Forget all the philosophizing about whether the glass is half empty or half full. You’re glass seems to be empty far too often. You are a lush. Happy Birthday – ANDREA.

Will spike Christmas trees for small fee – I. M. Hipp Hugger, Water Diversion Project Ave., Wimpton.

Frackin’ Freddie’s will purchase sturdy lawn and leaf bags. Call Ms. Toxic at our Jefferson County Purchasing Office today!

Get your very own Akpatok Mink Coat before the species is totally extinct! That’s correct! A beautiful Akpatok Mink from the shores of Ungava Bay. $6500 plus postage. Also baby seal serapes, gorilla hand ash trays, ivory cigarette holders and more. Scum Importers, Cape Chidley, Newfoundland. “Where Western European traditions are alive”.

Ted Cruz attempts to distance himself from Ted Cruz

On the heels of a near defeat in the Texas Senate race Ted Cruz has announced he is distancing himself from Ted Cruz. The almost upset by El Paso Congressmen Beto O’Rourke appears to have left the incumbent reeling, although close aides deny there is any change in the Cruz agenda.

“This is the first we’ve heard about Ted distancing himself from himself,” stressed one longtime campaign executive. “Senator Cruz is the same old Ted and after a close election anyone has a right to some down time.”

Other supporters called the win a mandate saying that the voters of Texas had spoken. Democrats and Independents have taken offense to the use of mandate and say they’ll be back in 2020 in full regalia after the fine showing by O’Rourke in what has been an ultra-red state since civil rights legislation became law in the Sixties.

Cruz, who pretended to be friends with Donald Trump during the election, had no comment on what experts say is questionable maneuvering and blatant attempts to disassociate from anyone or anything detrimental to the advancement of his political future. Many say Cruz has no ideology whatsoever making it more difficult to project his self-serving moves.

“Those commies and liberals just want to hurt a good man,” said a former Trump ally from jail. “The evangelical vote says it all. It’s amazing how those preachers play the pulpit in a tax-free environment. Their sheep bent over and cast a vote for the GOP once again.”

The practice of distancing oneself from oneself is a whole new frontier according to social scientists that further concluded that Cruz does not have the wherewithal to operate at half-mast.

“The man has the personal warmth and integrity of a wharf rat,” said one supporter. “Ted’s smart all right but in a sick sort of way but split personalities that have plagued him in the past may come to his rescue this time around.

Meanwhile the man who former House Speaker, John Boehner loved (“I have never worked with a more miserable SOB in my life.”) is still swilling at the trough, leading the privileged life, watching the polls.

“Despite his personal appeal, Cruz will run for president again,” continued the jailed Trump booster. “Voters have short memories, even when it comes to carpetbaggers and fake Christians.

– Kashmir Horseshoe