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Thanksgiving in Jardin, Colombia

Lots to be thankful for in Colombia. Great apartment, cheap beer, best restaurants a block away, friendly people, perfect springlike weather…Above we view a street scene on Thanksgiving morning. Kind of looks like any other day doesn’t it.

TV Doctors Isolate Comparative Gene

(Hollywood) Television doctors here have successfully isolated what some are calling the Lowest Common Denominator Gene. The illusive unit of heredity has been linked to general comprehension sways and positive sense of place in a shifting landscape.

Persons engaged in chronic television rituals such as electronic marathons and the embrace of local news programs often populate the sterile hallways of the quantum test cases transferred from easy chair to viewer. This control group has been the subject of much discussion since the inception of the intrusive medium in the early 50s.

“We have found that people who have no access to television are smarter and more qualified to survive than those who ingest the pablum of the airwaves,” said a researcher. “In short, many groups seen as primitive engage in more valid pursuits than those who stare at and respond to insipid movements inside the idiot box.”

While many social scientists agree with this perception, at least in theory, some are hesitant to condemn the entire industry without further cross-examination.

They conclude that genes make up a distinct sequence of nucleotides forming part of a chromosome, the order of which determines the order of monomers in a polypeptide or nucleic acid molecule which a cell (or virus) may synthesize.

The TV doctor team that created the breakthrough

This represents significant shift from the days when a television was a substantial piece of furniture with a tiny black and white screen. In the age of flat screens and bad public schools a majority recommends no more than 23 hours of television per day (not counting bathroom breaks and quality time with pets).

In preternatural observation the habitual TV enthusiast cannot tell the difference between real physicians and actors playing them on the tube.

“They all have white coats, clean hands and that air about them that makes it all but impossible to differentiate,” said the researcher, clutching a handful of opiates. “Even though most of it is voodoo there are distinct patterns developing that threaten to destroy the trust most have in the medical profession”

What remains as the quintessential question: Does one want to live life or watch it float mindlessly by, bookended by bad writing and violence.

“What we accept on TV generally conflicts with the basic food, clothing and shelter syndrome that dictates fear levels and morality,” continued our source, “It’s just another eternal balancing act with no net.”

– Gabby Haze 


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fell dead asleep at the wheel, his foot lodged in a contorted position, pressing firmly against the accelerator. The 1959 Buick then proceeded down Main Street, crossing the intersection at Townsend and headed east at an estimated speed of 83 mph. Knocking economy cars and pickups out of its way like they were toys, the runaway Buick wreacked havoc throughout the downtown district, uprooted trees, slamming into curbs and sending pedestrians scurrying for cover. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported.

     Continuing its hellish trek eastward, the Buick managed to take out a row of new cars at one car lot and skidded out of town sideways on Highway 50, its driver snoring away peacefully. Finally, as if by heavenly intervention the Buick turned off from the main thoroughfare, climbed the hill and ran out of gas in the parking lot of the Black Canyon National Park.  Assault rangers arrived hours later and fired a volley of a pee-shot from their special issue squirrel rifles (with silencers) into the offenders’ windshield.

     Police arrived on the scene the next afternoon and and cited the driver for leaving the scene of an accident and for not wearing a seatbelt.

Toole in custody on spy rap

(Midland TX) Career diplomat and FBI fire marshal, Melvin Toole is in jail here accused of spying on the Trump Administration for the Republic of Freedonia. The suspect was observed taking photographs of the president and his guests at an unidentified donor’s ranch near here.

When apprehended by Secret Service agents out on a routine iced tea run, Toole had with him a set of digital binoculars, a six-pack of Lone Star and a topo map of downtown Toledo, Ohio.

A message from Toole to Freedonian freedom fighters, intercepted by intelligence sources in Texas, reports that “Nothing of interest is going on here”.

Espionage experts at Dreamland Security say Toole has sent as many as fifty such dispatches to Freedonia since Opening Day of baseball seaso, 2017. The experts say he is using a very complex and archaic code which has yet to be broken even though it only uses three letters and the pound sign.

“This information matches up with data collected by other suspected Freedonian agents operating in Washington,” said one agent, who alleged that spies employed every method of communication from homing pigeons to E-mail.

An arraignment is scheduled for later in the week. Anyone wishing to turn himself/herself in as an alleged Freedonian spy should call the White House.

– Gabby Haze


(Washington) The U.S. House of Reprehensibles has scheduled a vote on whether to add an hour to each day of the week. Despite the obvious inconveniences, a majority of the legislators seem to think the bill will become law this week.

“If passed the new bill would be even sillier than Daylight Savings Time, clean shave campaigning and the electoral process all rolled into one,” said Senator Oral Noise (Unitarian-CA). “If I didn’t hear the proposal with my own ears I’d have said it was a bad joke.”

Noise told The Horseshoe that increasing the hours in a day was nothing more than a smokescreen thrown up by members of Congress accused of ethics violations. He said it was an attempt to conceal questionable behavior by keeping the public off balance.

“If people don’t know what day it is they are less likely to notice our shenanigans,” he smiled.

Noise is currently under investigation on some 300 ethics charges which allegedly include the sale of weapons before breakfast, illegally dumping household trash in the Congressional dumpster and leaving the seat up in a unisex latrine at the White House. He is expected to plead no lo contesto sometime next week.

“If all the senators and representatives who are under the gun with regards to ethics violations vote for the 25-hour day you’d better buy a new calendar,” quipped Noise. “I myself prefer the hour glass which doesn’t require a battery or winding. All one has to do is turn the thing over and he automatically buys himself a little more time. That’s how government works.”

The Congress, only in session for about three months per year due to rampant absenteeism, trips to the bank and campaigning, The legislative body will also decide on other issues such as the validity of eclectric cars, a new logo for Supreme Court judge’s costumes, what to buy for Billy Joel’s new baby and whether the presence of women behind the wheel of a car in Saudi Arabia will drive up the price of crude oil.

 “Then we’ll have lunch,” snipped Noise.

– Kashmir Horseshoe

$37 view in Jardin, Colombia

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