Anchor found at bottom of Irwin

(Crested Butte) A well –rusted anchor has been salvaged from the bottom of Lake Irwin this morning according to local police divers. The discovery, which interrupted an illegal immigrant ice fishing competition for three hours, brought throngs of disinterested onlookers from as far away as Paonia.

A nautical smiling face plastered to the anchor’s face provided some comic relief in what was otherwise a solemn, chilling scene.

Although no positive identification has been made, authorities are quite sure the anchor is the infamous Theodore Headly, who had been missing from Denver’s KBOP-TV since late December. Although he hardly survived the incident, his hair was still in place at the time of the recovery.

Headly disappeared moments before 2019 after predicting that the world would end before the late news that evening.

-Syd Fahrdt

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