Afghani Engineers to Tour Ridgway

(Ridgway) A group of visiting Afghani civil engineers will be in Ridgway this week to observe recent road construction in the former railroad town. The contingent of visitors will monitor traffic patterns and interview residents affected by the lengthy construction project aimed at relieving congestion at high volume periods.

Its people from out nation’s longest war visiting our nation’s longest construction project. Although the note and picture taking might seem obsessive to some, town planners say it demonstrates the desire on the part of the privileged to document successes and apply them to chaotic Afghanistan.

“We especially want to examine lighting fixtures and new drainage systems along with cosmetic improvements along the way,: said Mohammed Zulu-Quake, chair of the Engineering School at Kabul University.

Paving streets in Afghanistan in no way constitutes nation building, say critics of the new/old foreign policy currently unfolding in South Asia., who contend that peace must emerge from a deeper psyche. Naysayers insist that the people prefer to wallow in superstition and tribalism which apparently works for them.

“Although asphalt and center lines can provide a shallow security, it does nothing to relieve and address the frustrations of a generation of Afghanis,” said the academic. “We are focused on improving infrastructure, not social structure. That will come when our house is in order, when the horse is again before the cart. Squalid attempts to mask our failures in flowery talk of liberty and democracy don’t provide so much as a slice of bread.”

“The nagging question remains: Is nation building something one can achieve on a stepladder or does the adjustment require an hoist, scaffolding and maybe even an explosive or two?” he asked.

– Abdul “Mickey” Sands 


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